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Mr. Wilson K.W. Chung 鍾錦榮
WYS System Ltd. 威仕系統有限公司

Mr. Wilson Chung is an independent consultant and founder of WYS System Ltd. He started his career in photography and prepress from 1972 and has more than five years experience working with printing companies which are in China. He is a technical consultant of Printing Material Testing and Analytic Center of GAAHK, instructor of “Printing Skill Upgrade Scheme”. He has participated some research projects in- cluding “Intelligent Color Printing Enhancement system” and “Hong Kong Printing Specifications”. WYS System Ltd. was set up in 1991 by a team of elite graphic artists and output professionals, providing quality consultant service on the set up of prepress systems. WYS sells DTP, prepress and color management products such as Adobe software, DynaLab PostScript Fonts, Epson printer, X-Rite and GretagMacbeth CMS products. We also have rich experience in HI-Fi color printing and handle products include ICISS, CoCo and Pantone Hexware. Listed 03/06 Located in Hong Kong.
T: (852) 98351283 / (86) 15018938073 WeChat

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Victor Chan 陈俊傑
Starlite Printers (Suzhou) Ltd.
星光印刷 ( 苏州 ) 有限公司

No. 98, Hu Tai Xin Road, Liuhe Town, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, Peoples Republic of China
(Post Code: 215431)
T: (86) 18617022031

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