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**卓越的认可 – G7认可企业5+年**

1010 Printing International Limited

1010 Printing is engaged in providing printing services to international book publishers, trade, professional and educational conglomerates and print media companies. Our Company’s printed products comprise mainly of illustrated leisure and lifestyle books, educational text books, learning materials and children’s books.
Hui Xing Road, Xia Nan Industrial District, Yuan Zhou Town, Bo Luo County, Hui Zhou,
Guang Dong Province 516123, China
中国广东省惠州市博罗县园洲镇下南工业区汇星路 (郵編516123)

T: (86) 752-6181010
E: enquiry@1010printing.com
W: www.1010printing.com

G7 Qualified 認證 认证
Type 類別 类别 : Color Contract Proof 合约打样
Level 級別 级别 : ColorSpace – Relative – GRACoL2006
Type 類別 类别 : Offset – Commercial Sheetfed 柯式–商业单张印刷
Level 級別 级别 : ColorSpace – Relative – GRACoL2006
Since 首次 首次 : 06/01/2016
Thru 到期日 到期日 : 05/31/2024

**卓越的认可 – G7认可企业5+年**

Advance Label & Paper Product (Shenzhen) Limited
捷达胶贴制品( 深圳 )有限公司

Advance Label Limited is one of the largest scale offset anddigital printing company in Hong Kong which provides allaround printing services to clients over the world. Wemanufacture diversified printing products including labels,stickers, brochures, catalogues, packaging, gift & premiums andeducational toys, etc. Our services cover a wide range fromdesign, special printing materials sourcing, print colormanagement, mass printing, custom-demanded packaging topoint-to-point delivery. We aim to provide an one-stop printingsolution to our clients. We currently serve clients from nearly allindustries in different business sizes.
Product range includes printing stickers for toys, household products, electrical appliances and licensed sticker products etc. Which distributed internationally.
Factory in China was 250,000 square feet area. The latest technology equipment support spectrum of the printing process from color electronic pre-press, printing, laminating, embossing, die cutting etc. An effective management strategy is leading toward the comprehensive hight quality production to customers.
No.1, JinQuan Rd. 1, Liuyue, Henggang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen City,
Guangdong Province, 518000, China
中国广东省深圳市龙岗区横岗街道六约金泉一路1号 (邮编: 518000)
T: (86) 755-28662861
E: info@advancelabel.com.hk
W: www.advancelabel.com.hk

G7 Qualified 認證 认证

Type 類別 类别 : Offset – Commercial Sheetfed 柯式–商业单张印刷
Level 級別 级别 : ColorSpace – Absolute – CGATS.21 CRPC6 (GRACoL2013)
Since 首次 首次 : 09/01/2014
Thru 到期日 到期日 : 10/31/2024

Anhui Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd.

Anhui Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd., founded in October 1950, has been one of the top 100 printing companies in China for four consecutive years, with about 500 employees. Through iso9001:1994, ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, the company has CTP system and digital printing machine, with gaobao, Xiaosen offset press, Corbus wireless binding linkage line, Corbus hardcover shell making machine, Starr lock line machine and other world-class brand printing equipment.
No.10 Dangshan Road, Luyang District, Hefei City, Anhui Province, China
中国安徽省合肥市庐阳区砀山路10号 (邮编: 230041)
T: (86) 551-65859596
E: 865820807@qq.com
W: www.axp.com.cn

G7 Qualified 認證 认证

Type 類別 类别 : Offset – Commercial Sheetfed 柯式–商业单张印刷
Level 級別 级别 : Targeted – Relative – CGATS.21 CRPC6 (GRACoL2013)
Since 首次 首次 : 08/01/2020
Thru 到期日 到期日 : 07/31/2024